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It’s All Good!

We had an awesome Sunday on Silverwood Lake in Hesperia yesterday.  Craig and Lisa invited us along with  Karen and Chris out for a day on fun on their boat “It’s All Good”. The weather was hot, clear and beautiful. The water was full of lime green algae which gave it a shimmery, opalescent look. Craig got up on his skis and wake-board. The rest of got to ride on their three seater inflatable. We were on the lake from 10:00 am until 7:00 pm. I came away with a little sunburn on my back, that’s it. SPF 50 sunscreen works pretty good!

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World Travelers

Our kids are all in Europe together! #1 & #3 met up with #2 in Paris yesterday!. #2 was sitting in the hotel room, looked out the window and there they were walking up the street! I hope she got a picture.  They will all travel together through France and Spain for the next two weeks. Here they are with their backpacks at LAX.

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Pickles Again

Yes, I canned more pickles this weekend. Half of this batch was made from Rich and Jesse’s home grown cucumbers. They planted them just for me so I could can them. Thank you guys!   The cucumbers I’ve been pickling from the store were Perisian Cucumber. They are small, slender and smooth. We’ve really enjoyed them so far. The home grown cucumbers are simply know as Pickling Cucumbers. They are the traditional stubby, bumpy type of cucumber and look more like what you would expect to see from a jar of dill pickles.

I used a new recipe for this batch so it will be fun to see how we like these when we start cracking open the jars in mid August! If you come by my house, don’t hesitate to ask about the pickles. I’d be happy to give you a jar.Pickles

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Valerie requested cupcakes instead of a traditional cake for her graduation party last week and Brooke volunteered to make them. She told Valerie to go through the book and pick the ones she wanted. Her choices were Snickerdoodle – pg 138, Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes – pg 104 and Red Velvet -pg 30, all from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes.  Valerie and Kyle made the scrumptious little Cheesecakes! Brooke did a great job and even got the approval of her man’s father who is a pastry chef. The Snickerdoodle’s tasted just like the cookies we all has a kids- we loved them. The Red Velvet were a bit of a disappointment. They were just your ordinary chocolate cake. The best part of them was the cream cheese frosting.

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Happy/Sad day

Yesterday was bittersweet for me. I’m so proud of Brooke for planning her first adventure of a lifetime. She’s spent months and months planning and working towards her goal of traveling through Europe. Yesterday was day one of her adventure. She planned her departure day so she could be here for Val’s graduation. The pictures below are curbside at the LAX Virgin Atlantic counter. I see a little bit of fear in her eyes mixed in with excitement. She sent an e-mail to us from the airport in London, so we know she made it safely but tired (thanks to a crying child on a 10 hr. flight!!). Take a look at the size her that backpack.

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Graduation Day

Our baby graduated from high school today! Thank you to all who turned out to see her walk proudly to receive her diploma and for coming back to our house to celebrate. As I write this, she is attending grad night at the school. She won’t be home until 6 am tomorrow morning. Here’s a few pictures from today’s festivities.

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Cupcakes anyone?

I need a tie breaker!  Come on folks, help me out here. 

UPDATE:  as of today 6/12-  there are 2 votes for Tres Leches,  2  for Red Velvet and 1 for Yellow Cake/Chocolate frosting.  I’m still taking votes till

sometime this weekend!


I bought Martha Stewart’s “Cupcakes” book this weekend. As far as I’m concerned you just can’t go wrong with her recipes. I also have her book “Cookies”.  

I decided to start with the Carrot Cupcakes on page 25. I love that her recipes have simple, basic ingredients that most of us already have in our pantry. All I had to do was purchase whole carrots and buttermilk.  These little gems were moist and tasty. I can’t wait to make the next batch, but what should I make?  Tiramisu, Tres Leches, Red Velvet or Sticky Toffee Pudding.  

Why don’t you tell me which ones to make next and I will post it right here on my blog.

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Valerie’s Prom!

Valerie’s had her last high school dance on Saturday. Here she is on her way to Prom with Kyle.

 She graduates from high school on the 17th of June. It’s hard to believe that “the baby” will be a college freshman this fall. I just don’t know where all the years have gone. It seems like it was just yesterday I was holding her hand walking to kindergarten.

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That’s just crazy!

Crazy knittingI like to knit, but this is just crazy. It’s on the front page of  Art Yarn listed to the right under Blogroll . There are some wild knitters out there. I admire their creative vision. Maybe i’ll break out my needles and try something wild. Any suggestions?

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Where’s Lola?

It’s not where’s Waldo, it’s where’s Lola. Who knew she was the same color as our Teak backyard furniture. She never did this with our old metal and glass table, but I’ve found her out back doing this several time. This was our Mothers Day, Fathers Day and 30th Anniversary gift to ourselves. We love to spend our summer evenings our back and love this new set. It has a leaf in the middle that folds up into itself and makes the table several feet smaller.

Lola and the teak table

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